Things to Do Beforehand


Reserve your spot with – and pay your deposit to – Great White Adventures.

Get a passport if you don't already have one.

Book your flight.

Book your hotel.

Purchase trip insurance through DAN.

Make plans for any extra time you'll be spending in San Diego and make reservations or buy tickets as necessary. Remember to book a rental car if you'll be needing one.

Consider getting TSA Precheck to drastically reduce the time you spend in airport security.


Talk to your doctor about seasickness solutions such as Zofran and a seasick patch such as Transderm Scop. We also recommend bringing an over-the-counter product like Bonine or Dramamine

The boat ride and cage diving are exhausting. Spend the weeks and months prior to your trip getting into (or staying in) shape.


Consider getting your scuba certification before the trip. Not only will it allow you to use the submersible cage on the boat, it will open up a world of adventure to you. Use the PADI Dive Shop Locator to find where you can be certified.

Even if you're planning on renting scuba gear in San Diego for the trip, we definitely recommend purchasing a dive mask beforehand. Since they come in many shapes and sizes, it's best to get fitted for one at your local dive shop. Also, get a neoprene mask strap cover – they're only a few dollars, and your hair will thank you.


Since we're focusing (pun intended) on making sure you get great photos during your dives, make sure you're equipped with the right equipment. Check out our Camera Gear page to see what you should have and suggestions for what to get.

Things to Bring


Your passport (seriously, do NOT forget this)

A copy of your passport (carried separately)

PDF or printed instruction manual(s)/book(s) for your camera gear (we want to help you get the most out of your photo gear on this trip!)

Your trip insurance policy (purchasable through DAN)

Cash (see cost page for recommended amounts)


2-3 bathing suits (so you don’t have to rewear a wet one)

A light coverup

2 pairs of shorts

2 pairs of pants (sweats, comfortable leggings, jeans)


3-5 t-shirts

1 long-sleeve shirt

Hoodie/sweatshirt/sweater (to wear in the evenings)

Light windproof jacket (for the ocean crossing)



Flip-flops or water shoes




Biodegradable sunscreen

Basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided on the boat)

Hair Dryer

Medications (including seasickness medication)

A garbage bag and/or large ziplock bag (for transporting wet items)

Towels are provided for you on the boat, so no need to bring any.

Photography Gear

Underwater camera (check the Camera Gear page for help)

GoPro or other video camera

SD cards for your cameras

Laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop loaded (recommended for getting the most out of our evening photography classes)


Portable hard drive (optional)

Scuba Gear

Full wetsuit – 7mm recommended (can be rented through Great White Adventures)

Dive mask

Dive booties

Hood (optional)

Gloves (optional)