There isn’t always a lot of space in the cabins on a dive boat, so pack light. (It’s okay to wear something more than once – most people will.) Just remember that comfort is key – there's no fashion show, so just bring what's comfortable.


The Sun

Five days on a boat is a lot of opportunity to be out in the sun. If it's been a while since you got some, consider laying a foundation at your local tanning salon. If you're prone to sunburn, make sure to bring sunglasses, a wide-brim hat, and protective clothing.

Sunscreen is also a must – but please only bring a biodegradable sunblock (the regular stuff contains chemicals and oils that are harmful to the marine ecosystem).

Important: Don't apply sunscreen to your face if you're going to dive. Your eyes will soon be two orbs of burning pain! 


Food & Drink

You are free to bring snacks, but we do get plenty of food on the boat, including between-meal snacks. Same for drinks – if you want to buy some beer for the bus ride down, go for it. But the boat is well-stocked and the five days on board are all-inclusive. Just remember that as soon as you start drinking, your cage-diving is done for the day.



Nothing will make this trip worse than being seasick. We recommend getting a prescription for the patch and putting it on the night before we leave. Also talk to your doctor about getting some Zofran. These two medications can make the difference between being stuck in your cabin being violently ill and having a great time up on deck getting to know your shipmates.

Tip: If using the patch, switch sides when you apply a new one. The medication can affect your eyes, and changing sides will prevent double-dosing one eye.

As with all prescription medication, don't take this website's word for anything – talk to your physician and follow his/her instructions.